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It begins with small daily steps. 

Identify Priorities

Learn to create a plan to achieve a life of fulfillment.

Small Daily Steps

Learn daily habits that develop focus and discipline.

Big Results

Have a greater positive impact on the world around you.

Learn to become the best version of yourself

Learn key skills to help you focus on what will truly make you happy while avoiding the distractions and noise of daily life.

Become fulfilled and make the most of life.

Be Stronger Than Hate

Words matter. The words we speak to ourselves matter. The words we speak to others matter. The words we repeat matter.

Morning Routine is Crucial

Reference Links: Tony Robbins Priming Routine Miracle Morning I credit a solid morning routine with much of my personal progress. It starts my day off on the right foot by allowing me to attack the day focused and calm. Positive or negative, it may very well be the...

Why Meditate?

Meditation has been one of the hardest habits for me to create. I love to meditate but every day I fight myself to actually perform the act. I feel much better after meditation and I think I owe my sense of increased focus to meditation, so why do I still have such a...

Why I use Define My Day

A happy family... that was my priority but somehow it wasn't happening.   I told myself that working long hours was for the benefit of my kids. Lynn and I were fighting. The kids weren't happy. The more work I put in, the worse it got.   I wanted stability, a good...

It’s Time to Take Control Of Your Destiny

I recently read this article about the increasing pay of the McDonald's CEO. He now makes $21.8 million while many of McDonald's employees live below the poverty line. The article goes on to describe his increasing pay, corporate pay ratios and generally illustrates...

The Problem with the Hustle

Hustle, 10X, work hard, the grind... we see it every day. We're told that if we aren't grinding it out... wearing ourselves out... we're not working hard enough. I say that's garbage. I'm certainly not against hard work. Far from it. I think most Americans have been...

Something Good You Can Do For a Random Stranger

So, smile at someone. Even if it makes them think you’re a wacko. You never know who’s day you might make better. The act of giving someone a kindness might even make you feel good too.

Thinking of Suicide

If you are thinking about suicide, tell someone. If you don't have someone near you that would understand, tell a stranger. Someone out there will care. Someone out there probably already does.   You may not want to feel embarrassment or pity. That's ok. You will feel...

5 Ways to Gain Clarity in Life

I know how busy and hectic life can seem. There are a million things going on. It may be work, your spouse, your home, kids, family members, or friends. How can we pull it all together, tackle it all, and have time for ourselves? It can sometimes seem impossible. I’d...

Find Your Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose is? What was the answer? I think that a lack of driving purpose is why a lot of people struggle. How disheartening is that? I'm not sure anything bothers me more than to see someone go through each day as if they weren't...