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Gain Daily Focus & Clarity

The Define My Day Focus Journal is the 10-minute habit that helps you focus on your most important tasks while avoiding negative distractions.

Life is Hectic. Take Control.

If you have tried other planners or daily organization techniques and they haven’t worked, this may be the last one you need.

This isn’t a process that will take big chunks of time.

The Define My Day journal is the 10-minute habit that helps you take control of your day with focus and discipline.

Become Your Ideal Self

Define My Day was designed for busy people that are tired of spreading themselves too thin.

If you are looking to improve your happiness, confidence, success, and overall feeling of fulfillment, the Define My Day focus journal is perfect for you.

Small steps of daily improvement can lead to big results over time. Define My Day will get you there.

What It Is

Define My Day is a 4-week, daily workbook/journal designed to help you quickly develop daily disciplines and overcome the craziness of daily life.

Anyone can use it. There are no tedious steps. You don’t have time for that.

Follow a simple framework and get going!

How It Works

Define My Day helps you build small daily habits and disciplines.

It begins with the 10-minute process of identifying your priorities and potential distractions for the day.

Each day, you’ll gain more understanding of what you need to focus on and where your time is wasted.

Why You Need It

You have a busy life and a LOT to do on a daily basis but it never seems to end.

The solution isn’t doing more, faster, in a more organized way. You need to attack the key priority tasks that move you toward your goals.

Find your priorities, avoid distraction, and calm things down. Each day, take smalls steps and get big results.

Tour The Book

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Nick Boris shared his secret to success with me. It is a true game changer. If you’re looking for structure and accountability, this may be it! Maggie


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Don’t Waste Any More Time

We’re so confident you’ll love the Define My Day process, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.